Gramicci Pants (chino)

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Color chino
Gramicci Pants 

These are the original Gramicci pants that established "freedom of movement." The design was developed in the 1980s from Gramicci's innovative trousers collection. The Gramicci pants offered all the features climbers were looking for, thanks to the company's rich experience in climbing. Over time, these outdoor pants have evolved and been updated to meet the needs of modern climbers. New features include slightly more room around the hips, a front zipper and left and right back pockets.

Gramicci's climbing pants have become an indispensable companion over the years and continue to win new fans for various uses today.

These outdoor pants feature a crotch gusset that allows for 180-degree splits, as well as a strap with an easily adjustable waistband that can be adjusted with one hand. Made from 100% organic cotton twill with high durability, tension and rigidity that can withstand even intense movements and is dyed for a signature look

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100% organic cotton
Manufacturer ID: G102-OGT

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